• Welcome to ARMS Group

    Establishing leading businesses in the region

  • Actively involved in
    the socio-economic development of the UAE

    We began our journey seven decades ago,
    fostered under the visionary leadership of our founders

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  • Award winning waste management services

    Strongly committed to protecting the environment and
    improving the standards of living among communities

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  • State of the art technology
    for extrusion dies and tooling

    Producing world class quality extrusion dies,
    tooling and molds for various engineering specifications

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  • We have sustained our existence and diversification
    by adhering to our core values and ethics

    We introduced, developed and maintain
    all types of auctioneering solutions and
    automobile trading in the UAE

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  • We provide world class services
    above industry standards

    Our team of qualified automobile engineers
    and trained mechanics provide quality repair
    and maintenance services for all types of vehicles

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  • Our country cares about the environment,
    so do our business entities

    We have introduced world renowned
    state of the art echo friendly products

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  • As our city has made its mark

    So have our business entities in their respective fields

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  • A young team of professional bakers
    have made their mark

    Producing a wide variety of
    quality bakery products

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  • Interior design and management team

    Provides quality bespoke
    interior design and décor

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  • High quality landscaping services and projects

    Provides Landscape Design, Application and Maintenance,
    Irrigation systems, cellular filling and bio-pond systems

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Welcome to ARMS Group

Establishing leading businesses
in the region

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Our Group

ARMS Group of Companies is a well-diversified group in Dubai, UAE. It is uniquely positioned as an innovative and standard setting organisation in the region.  The Group is recognised for its specialisation in Waste Management and HR Solutions, Manufacturing, Services and Trading, Real Estate, Auctioneering, among other industries.

For over 75 years, ARMS Group has remained proudly independent, committed to private ownership and reliant on foresight, expertise and integrity for its success and growth. The Group has also partnered with some of the world’s finest business establishments and investors.

Current News

  • Celebrated the 300th Auction

    Pioneer Auctions Celebrated the 300th Auction in March 2014. Customers and staff were invited to celebrated the milestone and a special aution of Vehicles were conducted following the celebration.
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  • Qatar Public Transport Company

    Qatar Public Transport Company signed an agreement to auction their used fleet of busses through pioneer Auctions in 2014. This was the first assignment out of United Arab Emirates for Pioneer Auctions.
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  • Best Vendor and Buyer 2013/2014

    Pioneer Auctions highly recognize the contributions made by our customers. Each year we reward them and recognize them for the partnerships that have been built over the years to achieve the growth we have reached today.
    Read More 2014

  • eNotary system results in savings for Dubai Courts

    The development of the eNotary system has resulted in better processing times for documents, a reduction of the number of people visiting the Dubai Courts every day and a reduction ...
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Upcoming Events

Live streaming video for pioneer auction, Dubai

Pioneer Auctions is the leading auction house in the region, covers a wide range of areas: Cars, Real Estate, Premium Livestock, Charity and Fine Art to name but a few.

Watch the Live streaming from the "Pioneer Auction Hall, Dubai on every Tuesdays" , and the "Pioneer Auction Hall, Sharjah on every Sunday".


Over the years,
we have contributed to
the UAE's Socio economic development